A Meal Plan That Won't Break The Bank: Interview with Samantha Rodgers

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Good food should not (just) be for the wealthy.
— Samantha Rodgers
Mompreneur on Fire - Samantha Rodgers

Imagine knowing what you and your family are going to have for dinner tonight.  

You are going to know tonight and tomorrow night and the next night too. 

Imagine knowing that when dinner time comes by all you have to do is open the fridge and prep the meal for about 20 minutes.  

20 minutes until dinner is done!  What?

Sure there are expensive delivery plans that can take care of your meals but, again, they are really expensive.  These meal plans add up!  And I still have to go to the grocery store!  

I loved talking with Mompreneur Sam Rodgers about her new business Eating Clean Cooking Dirty.  Not only is the subscription meal planning a helpful idea to us busy moms, I love how she offers a personal touch with group coaching.  You can connect with her, including text with her if you have questions or need to substitute out some foods!

I love it!  And I loved talking with her about her business.  There are several points that stand out for me from our conversation but mostly I think I loved how she created the business and why which is not quite what you think!  And how she wished she would have started sooner!

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For someone who doesn’t want to think about the food part of their life, I can help them.
Mompreneur on Fire - Samantha Rodgers
I wish I had started sooner.
— Samantha Rodgers

The Interview:

We talked about so many different things:  

  • Monthly subscription - meal planning
  • 30 Day program - group coaching
  • Transitioning a natural habit to a business
  • good food should not be for the wealthy
  • Her big moments in the business
  • How her subscription & group coaching business model works
  • Where can she connects with people
  • How she makes her business work when she's horrible with social media, 
  • Managing her schedule in building a business
  • Finding time on her own
  • Her favorite series to settle her time
  • How her upbringing helped her in today's business


More from Sam

What did you want to be when you grew up??

  • I wanted to be a fashion designer.  Coco Chanel was my inspiration.  I did go to design school in London right after high school, but decided to switch to a business degree with emphasis in entrepreneurship after a year.  I realized that my true goal was to be an entrepreneur.

What was your first job?

  • My first job was in a pet store cleaning up after the animals.  I was 15.

What are your go-to books and apps?

What are your favorite gifts to give?

  • I love to give the gift of food.

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