Run Your Business On Your Timeline: Interview with Rachel Reeves

Mompreneur on Fire - Rachel Reeves

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I think you sometimes hit your stride a little bit quicker if you jump in and start.
— Rachel Reeves

Rachel Reeve's is a mom of several, a homeschooler and a business owner.  She's a badass chick with contentment seeping out of her and the conversation was unreal.  Her businesses, Declaration Learning and Attic 17, both celebrate history and are as unique and inviting as she is.  

I do have this entrepreneur inside me that wants to “push push you can make this bigger, you can grow this, you can reach more people” I also have to be realistic because if I try to do that in my season of life right now I will only be disappointed and it won’t get the results I really want which is to love what I am doing and enjoy it at every step... I am still really satisfied and am doing what I can and am enjoying the process.
— Rachel Reeves

We talked about many things including: 

  • Taking what's natural to you and turn it into a business
  • Expanding on your loves
  • Turning a stale subject and making it  come alive
  • Just jump in an do it
  • Businesses she's given up 
  • Priority and her time
  • Keeping expectations clear
  • Her specific time management 
  • How she skips past the learning curve
  • Her thoughts on Perfectionism
  • Her mentors
  • Where her caution lay with online business
There is a time for everything but I can’t do everything all at one time.
— Rachel Reeves
Mompreneur on Fire - Rachel Reeve Family
No is just as good of an answer as Yes.
— Rachel Reeves

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What did you want to be when you grew up??

  • I had always wanted to be a Broadcast Journalist.  I even began taking courses during my first year of college.  Who knows... maybe I'll still be on CNN one day.

What was your first job?

  • My first official job was working at a candy counter in a mercantile.

What are your go-to books and apps?

  • "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers is a daily devotional that never, ever gets old.  My favorite work of fiction is "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith and my favorite history book is "The Reagan Diaries" by President Ronald Reagan.  My favorite app would have Five Star because my husband and I love to eat out and you can earn points by eating at your favorite local joints!

What are your favorite gifts to give?

  • I love to give candles to everyone because they are one of my favorite things.  I also enjoy finding the perfect book and almost always give a vintage photography instead of a greeting card.

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