From Full Time Teacher to Thriving Entrepreneur Mom!

Maria is the true meaning of balancing work and family. She grew her business with no outside help while raising her children. She later discovered the benefits of outsourcing which enabled her to grow faster and have more time to focus on mom life. Listen as her story unfolds...

Mompreneur on Fire - Maria

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Maria Dismondy from Cardinal Rule Press was a New Year's breath of fresh air and is an inspiration for all with her energy, process and resourcefulness.  She started in a structured teacher's position, spent months upon months getting her book published.  She was a resource genius in getting book sales and driving income.  Next she has taken her business and evolved it help more and more do precisely what she did!  You are going to love every step of this conversation including Maria's energy!


We talked about so many things:

  • Hybrid publishing
  • I believe in you.. You have passion for the project.  Go for it. 
  • Working with well-known distributor.
  • Speakers budget in School Systems
  • Started sending postcards
  • Nurtured relationships 
  • Created additional products from what was working
  • Online courses
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Social media marketing contents and giveaways
  • Provide a lot of value
  • Sample Content
  • Finding a new distributor
  • Creating my own publishing company
  • Intensive 8 hour day
  • Does it bring you joy?
  • Ah-ha moments in her business
  • Embarrassed by her numbers
  • Local assistant & an accountability partner
  • Clients - self-publishing for high profile client
  • Course - 10 hours of video - what she did pitching online summits
Mompreneur on Fire - Maria


More from Maria

I always wanted to be a mom-- that was my dream job as a kid!!!

My first job was at local chicken fast food restaurant which was a family franchise.  I took this job very seriously and was assistant manager at the age of 16 or 17.

I am an avid reader and like to mix my choices between easy novels, parenting books and business related books. You can see all of my current reads here on Goodreads:

My favorite business book is:

Apps that I use regularly to help with my business

  • Asana- To manage my team and projects we are working on
  • Google Sheets
  • Forest App- To help me stay focused during my work hours
  • Facebook Groups- This allows me to check in on my private groups for work without getting sidetracked in my FB feed
  • Overcast-I love this app to listen and organize my podcasts
  • Voxer- My accountability partner and I check in almost daily on this voice message app
  • Instagram- This is my favorite social media platform because I can mix my passion of photography with my marketing my speaking engagements and products

My Favorite Gifts to Give

  • Personalized gifts-I love to find these
  • Homemade gifts-I use Pinterest for inspiration of course! The kids and I work on projects in July and August that will be given as gifts in December since we have time when they are home from school.
  • Handwritten letters
  • Photos-photography is a hobby of mine-pictures make me so happy because they are reminders of special memories. I love to give photographs away
  • Autographed books-whether they are my own books or a book or an author I’ve met, an autographed book is a special gift

Maria's Free Workshop

We talked in the interview about Maria's workshop - here is the exclusive link - for the Mompreneur on Fire podcast listeners!

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