The $100,000 Side Hustle: Interview with Cindy Collins

Mompreneur on Fire - Cindy Collins

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So many of us are the "Jack of All Trades, Master to None."  It's hard not to be that in today's instant information, instant access age.  There are so many things we can learn, so many things we can do and give ourselves to.  You're a doula, a photographer, a mom - oh my!  That's precisely the story of Cindy Collins from Euphoric Herbals.  Well, part of it anyway. Realizing she couldn't be on call as a doula gig with 3 little ones running around and also realizing she was over editing all those photos, Cindy made a conscious choice to focus one business.  With no time at all, Cindy outgrew Etsy again and again and again.  Now her initial hobby has grown to over $100,000 business with over 10,000 orders in all 50 states and 44 countries.  She's moved from home office to warehouse and produces 600+ orders a month.  She's doing great work and just last month put all 3 kids on the bus!  She's committed to growing and also having time for herself. 

Seriously you will want to listen to this power chic, Cindy Collins!

A few great takeaways:

  • Motto - Service before Sales
  • Her "Hustle" comes from wanting to create change and make a difference.
  • Just start - you can always improve.

More Notable Quotes

Mompreneur on Fire - Cindy Collins

The Interview:

We talked about so many different things:  

  • Her hobby and side hustle start
  • Running 3 businesses with 3 children
  • Outgrewing Etsy
  • Determining "my 1 thing"
  • Doubling Orders in 2 Months
  • What she did after Momentum 
  • First thing she did when all 3 were on the bus and went to school
  • Looking forward to having a nap
  • How she got started
  • Giving away scholarships
  • How her upbringing prepared her for today's work
  • Hustle comes from wanting to create change and make a difference
  • Her goals
  • Mentors and mentoring
  • What does her day looks like
  • Her thoughts to women pondering...


More from Cindy

  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    • My earliest memory of thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up was a mermaid, and then I remember I wanted to be a writer. 
  • What was your first job?
    • My first "real" job was a kindergarten classroom aide.
  • What are your go-to books and apps?
  • What are your favorite gifts to give??


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