Manager, Mentor & Mindful Mama. 

Getting straight to the point, our work together will take you from being every-day-I'm-hustling, to becoming the true CEO of your business. 

Because let's face it, who cares how many social media followers you have or what your "potential" online exposure is if you're not cashing it in? 



They've been up for awards like these: 

My current clients and business partners have been featured on:


Flagg Leadership Group, Limitless Publishing, Beauty Detox are clients and partners - to name a few. And they all now have multiple revenue streams. 

Just like you, they started out doing one thing really well (think elite salesmen, prominent coaches or master providers).

But as celebrities and/or industry elites, they weren't capitalizing on their entire platform. Their wide (and timely) reach was going to waste.

And in today's world, being good in one area means you have to keep hustling to stay alive. To stay relevant. Heck, to stay afloat in business.  

Here's where I can help. I can:

  • Move you from being just an entrepreneur to being the CEO of your growing business.

  • Help you to add additional revenue streams and partnerships.

  • Connect you with the right people to ensure you maximize your opportunity.

How? I'll help you to upsell like a mofo. Figure out how to add revenue "here and there."  

What if I told you that most of these additional revenue streams require just a one-time setup? And then this stream could bring in an additional $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 per month.  

Then that $2,000 could be used on marketing that would then generate sales, exposure and partnership opportunities.  

Which could turn into an additional $20,000 (or more) in monthly revenue.

I've seen it all! 

One of my clients had an email list of over 100,000 people and had NEVER tried to sell to them before.  

Before I came in, they sent a bunch of random emails, made zero dollars and annoyed a whole lot of people.

After I came in they had $10,000 in minor sales and leads for multi-million dollar contracts.

One celebrity client generated $52,000 within two months from launching a brand new product after working with me.

We then set up a system to make this product generate recurring revenue. And now this product alone consistently brings in $20,000 a month.  



I don't care how many followers you have.  

I care about your engagement and how/what you are marketing to them. 

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