Work From Home & Make Thousands Selling on Amazon

I know an Amazon business owner that brings in $10s of thousands of dollars a month.  Who would have thought you can make money from home by partnering with Amazon?! This is an amazing business idea for women who are just getting started or ready to start something new.  I have personally done some research on what products the winning companies are selling, who and how.  I have talked with several people and then read about others, about how they generate revenue on Amazon.

Mompreneur on Fire- Make Money on Amazon

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I sometimes wish it were my “thing” but it’s not.  I am convinced that if you are interested, this is a real possibility to generate a ton of money every month!

Why waste the research and learning though??

here you go:

Amazon is one of the greatest Internet services where you can develop your online business and sell goods (products and items) for great prices. There are more than 20 categories available with many more subcategories. The good news is that Amazon also provides a sales plan for every member and you can choose if you are working as individual or as professional. If you are successful in the first few months, you can expect that you will build your own brand on Amazon in the next few years.

Getting Set Up

First, you need to create Amazon store and choose between individual or professional plan. Register with your e-mail address. Individuals can sell books, toys, electronics, and tools. Professionals have many additional options, including art, beauty products, and clothes. After you register your account on Amazon, you can start listing your products and items and categorize all of them. Amazon will automatically check if there are similar products in the base and if there is no product like yours, you may wait longer to register a new product for the service. You should write all the qualities and features of the item, so it can be added to the catalog and available for purchase.

Finding Products

There are a couple different strategies that people take when finding products.  INSIDER TIP: You want to purchase products for re-sale with an Amazon sales ranking of #8000 or less. 

·       You can research wholesale stores, look up their clearance items and see if there is a good match with Amazon.

·       You can visit stores like Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx Home Goods to find deals.  Before you purchase the item pull up the item on Amazon and see if it has a good sales ranking.  If it does, can you purchase, resell it cheaper than the lowest price it’s currently offered at AND still make a profit?

·       Research high-end products that do not offer 2-day shipping and determine if there is a high enough sales ranking on Amazon.  A lot of people are starting to pay a premium for items so they can get the 2-day shipping.  So buy it on sale or at regular cost and up the price so you can make a profit and the buyer can win out too by getting the product in 2 days.  I have heard Disney shopping is a good place to look at, but have not personally checked out myself.

Sending Your Goods to Amazon

After you find products and items that you can sell on Amazon, make your purchase and then send them directly to Amazon for Fulfillment by Amazon service.  Fill your Amazon store with the products categorized and subcategorized in the categories and set your price. Be careful to set the price well, because sometimes just a few cents mean that your product can be less popular than others.

In the most cases, customers buy the first product they see, especially if it is Prime eligible. 

When you set your product try to give the buyer options in the “Customers Also Bought These” section.   This is an easy way to direct your customer to buy more from you. 

It may sound cumbersome in the beginning but my understanding is you can quickly get in a rhythm and quickly understand what will sell or not with minimal risk on your end. 

Then after you ship your products, Amazon takes care for the rest.   And start thinking about the next holidays like Black Friday and plan your sales!

Additional Tips:

-        If you can, register as a professional seller, so you can save on fees.

-        If you are a professional seller, you have more categories allowed and that means that your products can easily be found on the service.

-        If you want to register your own brand on Amazon, you should be professional subscriber.

-        Sell with FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). That means that Amazon will ship the product and also will handle the customer care, refunds, and returns.

-        Set the lowest price with shipping included, so your product comes up first. The buyers will more likely to click on the cheapest product and that may increase your sales and income. Check the prices of the same product from other sellers, so you can make the best combination of price + shipping.

-        Combine more products as a special offer pack, to create a unique product. For example, if you sell books with bookmarks as a set. Buyers love a combined offering.

-        Don’t forget about customer service!  Good ratings are important. Customers want to feel confident in what you are offering them.

-        Describe your product with many details. Customers always want to know what they are buying.

-        Try your best to use high-quality images of the product, photographed on every side and angle possible. The photos should be at least 1000 pixels on a side, so the customers can zoom the picture. Also, try to take the photos on a white background. You can find many instructions on the Internet on how to make the best photos possible.

-        Label your items correctly before you send them to FBA.

-        Learn how to use the Amazon’s keyword tool so you can optimize your store to be in the first results after the customer searches for something.


Additional Resources to Help Out 

If you *do* decide to give it a try - please let me know!  OR If you do have some insider tips - please let me know!!

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