Is Your 9-5 Causing You to Miss Your Kids Life? Listen to How this Mom Made a Change

Do you love listening to Podcasts?  Or do you not really know what one is quite yet?? Let me make it easy for you.  It’s perfect for you - the super-busy-always-running-around woman that you are.  Pull up the podcast on your phone, plug-in your headphones and listen as you workout, do your errands or even the dishes late night! 

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Mompreneur on Fire - 9-5

The conversation starts out with us belly laughing over the realities of being a mom, a business owner and taking on yet another task.  My goodness, Heather from Safe in the City was a real gem to talk with.  W e just laughed and laughed.  This former NCIS Agent turned her badge in so she could be with her kids more and also help women be safer around the country.  She gets thank you wherever she goes and if you ask me, should speak to every Sorority out there!  Heather is kind, real and funny AND as strong and authentic as they come.  

Mompreneur on Fire - Heather Ryan

A few of the things that we talk about include: 

  • Why we started the podcast belly rolling with laughter.
  • Why her balance has been thrown off recently!
  • How her personal WHY is the embodiment of her business
  • The interesting dinner conversations at her home
  • The trigger to make a change from a stable, pension position to an entrepreneur’s life
  • How she came up with her idea for her business
  • Her differentiator 
  • How she got her first big sale
  • How her husband gave support 
  • Putting things out into the black and white world
  • Taking a Leap to a J.O.B.
  • The support system to take her through
  • Her favorite podcast and business coach!
  • Where she feels behind.
  • Favorite resources



  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    • When I was growing up I frequently changed my mind about what I wanted to do when I grew up. When the movie Space Camp came out I was certain I wanted to be an astronaut, but I get motion sick fairly easily, so I thought that might not be a good idea. I actually went to college on an education scholarship. I thought being a teacher would be fun since they get summers off. But once I got to college, I realized I don't really like to deal with groups of children. Lol It took 5 major changes until I figured it out. So...I guess you could say I wasn't one of those kids who just knew I would be a Special Agent when I grew up. In fact if you would've told me the path my life would take I would have looked at you like you had two heads. :)
  • What was your first job?
    • My first job was at Old Country Buffet when I was 14 years old. I was a hostess and "muffin lady." If you mean my first "real" job, I was a social worker for the Department of Children & Family Services in Cleveland, OH.
  • What are your go to books and apps?
    • My two "go to" books are The Alchemist and To Kill a Mockingbird. They're both very inspirational and anytime I've felt lost in the world, they have reassured me I'm on the right path.
    • My favorite fun app is Bitmoji, it cracks me up! My "new to me" favorite app is Evernote. I struggled to understand Evernote for a long time, but now I'm addicted.
  • What are your favorite gifts to give??
    • My favorite gifts to give are from Etsy. I love finding personalized original gifts and supporting other small businesses. 

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