Making Waves in a Soulful Business: Interview with Meredith Haberfeld

Mompreneur on Fire - Meredith Haberfeld

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I have had the honor and privilege to talk with many women this past year about their businesses.  I have loved every moment our conversations.  Truthfully, today's podcast was just a little bit different.  Meredith Haberfeld, Founder of ThinkHuman leadership development firm, an organization that works with cool companies like Soul Cycle and Spotify, spoke to and of things that have really stuck with me since our recording.  Not only do I connect with some of the things she discussed (business divorce, iterative businesses, wanting to make an impact) I was also inspired by this power, knowledge and confident enthusiasm from within the conversation.  When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and her answer was Secretary of State, I laughed because it seemed so post on.  Meredith is making waves, no doubt about it. 

My Key Take-Aways

  1. Wait, I'm not the only one to go through a devastating business divorce? 
  2. Wait, you want to break things on purpose to make them better?  Phew - me too!
  3. Wait, how do you help people have personal responsibility, live raw and honestly AND turn that into "quantum results"?
  4. Her heart is called to have and make an impact.  She's sorting through the HOW now.  (YES!)
  5. More and more the world has become a place where purpose and profit can intersect. (Yes!)
  6. Focus on bringing one's legacy true. Focus on fulfilling one's vision. 
  7. "Life is messy and humiliating ridden with failure, tell the truth about it all.... (and so becomes the more joyful) path!"
Mompreneur on Fire - Meredith Haberfeld
I was ridiculously privileged to have a dad that thought I could do anything.
— Meredith Haberfeld

We talked about many things including: 

  • Leadership development for fast-growth companies
  • Cultivate the best in your own work and your team
  • Iterating your business
  • The chess pieces in business
  • Being a senior leader in a $200 company in your 20s
  • connected the dots when people have personal responsibilty raw and honest those dynamics in a an or quantum results
  • Her devastating business divorce
  • Lifting her head through the mommy fog
  • One to many impact
  • Current state of her business 
  • Want to break things on purpose to make them better.  
  • How they're sorting through how to have the impact
  • Business is a powerful lever for doing good & how
  • Take notes about things in the night
  • Her oh-so wonderful mentors
  • Inward & Outward pieces of advice 


Bread and Wine by Shauna Neiquist (one of my mentors)

More from Meredith

What did you want to be when you grew up??

  • Secretary of State

What was your first job?

  • White water river guide for ARTA River Trips

What are your go-to books and apps?

What are your favorite gifts to give?

  • I live for Etsy gifts

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