Working Mom Moments to #MakeMoreHappen

Whether you are just starting with your business ideas or are already up-and-running, you need a way to #MakeMoreHappen. Get inspired and empowered because you are going to make progress today.

Mompreneur on Fire - Make More Happen

Staples has always been this working mom's go-to place to get organized, to set priorities and to help #MakeMoreHappen.

Listen, I am a girl who lives for and loves organizational supplies.  Stock. me. up!

And Staples is one of those places you can get purposefully get lost in... Do you need more binder clips? And how many sizes?  Ooo, there are new colors!  Do you need more Sharpies?  Yes.  Oh yes.  Goodness, I could always use a new wipe board.  If only I had the room. 

For the small business owner, it's that place you slowly walk through and carefully imagine what your dream office would look like. What it would feel like.  These clips here, those pens there. These planners and pads here.  Sure, of course, I need more of ... everything!  

Now when I walk into Staples my girls dash and examine every planner, every notepad, every kind of marker!  They see coloring books and painting pads and stationary galore!

There's no doubt about it, it's fun for everyone. 

But I've got to admit.  Life is busy.  I don't shop much anymore.  Life is this crazy mix of running between conference calls and drop offs.  Making snacks and playdates while driving business and launching products.  One moment quickly leads you into a demanding next moment.  

So here I am, a confident power mom on the brink. On the brink of something really amazing.  I know it.  Everyone around me knows it too.  I need to #MakeMoreHappen and I need help doing it.  I want more and I own that.  I have no time for wishy-washy and I don't care about trends.   

As a working mom, and entrepreneur mentor, I follow a few essential cardinal rules to help me (umm... us) not only survive but grow.  


Get very clear as to how much time you need and the impact it bears on your day and your work. Priority is the other thing one we know too well. We have stickers all over or don’t we? And in them we have our day’s schedule. So what really is the problem? Well, it happens not all of us respect our schedules and priority lists and yet we need this to be successful!

Other business owners who are moms say they agree their priority list is a combination of things to be done over the week including; children stuff, business and personal needs. At the end of the day she ensures all is done in good time. Alice Garbarini, a freelancer in New Jersey on the other hand says her to-do list is only complete with both work and fun slotted.

The one significance of making a to-do list is that we are able to think well and make appropriate decisions before we act; with it you will be able to act on issues much proactively than reactively. 


Still at home, try not to get yourself worked out in the morning by making relevant preparations for the day the night before. Pack the kid’s lunches, lay out their clothes, and have them shower. You can also decide what to make for breakfast, repack the diaper bag, purses, backpacks and or the work bags to be placed by the door, alongside the keys so you can grab them on the way out. The importance of a light morning is that you leave to work with enough energy and good mood.  


You can't do it on your own.  Nor should you have to.  If you're as forgetful as I am then you know you need help.  Even though society says we should find balance we still want to be 100 percent mothers, wives, and business owners.  Yet, how are we supposed to do that?!   In the end, for a healthy lifestyle, it is only mature to admit there are times you need to be assisted. From Staples - I was able to order printer paper, cartridges (necessary tools to keep my business running) plus get a few holiday treats for the girls all the while we are are in the car on a Tuesday afternoon.  No special trip.  No time out of my day.  No wondering if my printer will be able to make it one more load.  It worked out quite well.  Order online then pick up in an hour!


There are so many ways celebrating little successes in our lives. Sure you can celebrate a promotion at work, beating a deadline, completing a task/project or just getting a good feedback from your manager, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate success. And then you can celebrate the small wins from the day, like picking up your order in. an. hour! 

Helloooo - can we talk convenience??  I am all for convenience.  That is a major win for me.  Save me time and it helps me #MakeMoreHappen.  

Then when we celebrate, we get ourselves ready for the next big job, project or goal.

As a working mom and entrepreneur mentor, the moments of the day are not lost on me.  Not one bit.  It's hard to work and and live a healthy lifestyle.  This includes kicking butt at work, finding quality childcare, having some “me-time”, staying connected with my family members.  It also means owning up to any help you can get to #MakeMoreHappen.

I was asked to participate in the #MakeMoreHappen campaign, sponsored by Staples. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

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