Learn How a Leap of Faith & Smart, Hard Work = A Winning Formula for Building a Successful Business

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We second guess ourselves as women. Should I do this? Am I strong enough? Do I know enough? When everything in life that you need, when you open yourself up to the universe, it really will send you everything you need.
— D'Shawn Russell
Mompreneur on Fire - D'Shawn Russell

The thing I love about podcasting is the women I meet and have an opportunity to talk with like today's guest D'Shawn Russell from Southern Elegance Candle Company.  I am talking with mom who are often working from home and the craziest, most real things happen, like a dog we can’t control in the background or random beeps from the dead fire-alarm battery.  Yep, that one's me.  During today’s recording the postman came with certified mail and D’Shawn, my superior guest, squealed with delight!  I can't wait until you hear!

You can’t plan that and I certainly wouldn’t want to change it.  We are moms and a lot of us work from home.  We've got little ones in the background and dogs and all sorts of things thrown at us but we take.  We take it in stride and press forward.  Talking with D'Shawn was no different.  She organically started something that grew and grew where she finally went "I think I can do this. I think I can make a business out of this."  And I love her for it.  

I get encouraged by listening to women (and especially moms) and their power stories.  Today’s interview will make you happy and encouraged too.  There’s no doubt about that one. 

Mompreneur on Fire - D'Shawn Russell
It was a leap of faith. I have to learn every single thing every single day about business. It’s very, very challenging at times but it’s been great!
— D'Shawn Russell

We talk about many things including:

  • How she hired a business coach
  • Her fun interruption!
  • About wanting more and taking a leap of faith
  • About living a life without asking for permission
  • Find one person to follow
  • When her friends didn't understand how she found her support system
  • How being a military spouse prepared her for being an entrepreneurship
  • Her biggest challenges
  • How she's putting systems in place to manage all things
  • Typical days
  • The consistent important thing that happens everyday.
  • How and why she limits her 
  • Her first big wins & how it changed her belief system in her business
I don’t think any entrepreneur has a typical day.
— D'Shawn Russell



  • What did you want to be when you grew up? 
    • I wanted to be a computer programmer, but it was in the early days of computers and my mom wanted me to go with a "safer" career.  So, I became a math teacher instead.
  • What was your first job?
    • My first job was a cashier at Wendy's and I LOVED it!
  • What are your go-to books and apps?
    • Go to books: The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle and Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, All Life's Problems; Jack Canfield's The Success Principles for getting my mind right about business.  (Each of these books fundamentally and totally transformed my life on some level.)
  • What are your favorite gifts to give??
    • My favorite gift to give is actually books! I think all my friends have received The Four Agreements.  Although, I love giving them, people are not so happy about receiving them.  So, I always add something handcrafted by a local artisan; pottery, jewelry, etc.

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