How to Start a Blog When You Have No Technical Skills

As an Online Business Manager, I hear it all! Everyone always tells me how they have no technical skills and couldn't even begin to imagine how to create a blog or a website.  They need help bringing their business ideas to life.

Mompreneur on Fire - How to Start a Blog

 To be honest, back in the day, it took a lot of work.  Wordpress makes my head spin.  I went from ugly site to ugly site as I tried my hardest to create something beautiful and meaningful.  

Then as a "creatives" with so many ideas, I popped in excitement when I really started to learn about SquareSpace and how easy it was to pull together.  That was I was looking for without even knowing it.  If only I could put my ideas there in, an inexpensive manner, to see what and where I really want to spend my time.  We don't start sometimes because just thinking of the process of creating it, whatever IT may be is so darn overwhelming.   That's what happens for me, at least.

Now you don't have to have any technical skills whatsoever.   All you have to do is 2 things and things only.  

1. Pick a Domain & Buy It

This is probably the most fun part of starting something.  It's the first step.   Yes, I am putting my idea out there.  I am locking it down.  I am choosing a domain name.  

How. fun. is. that?! 

Go no further than to find your domain name and buy it. Enough said, don't put anymore thought into if you should or shouldn't - allow yourself to have the fun and pick your domain name.

Yeah, you may have to play around with spelling or adding adjectives (hint) but once you lock it down, you will be excited and have fun.  So don't forget to congratulate yourself on that one too! 

The thing is you can buy one or multiple domains for a small fee and feel out which one works best for you!  It's that easy.  Not even kidding.  Bluehost.

2.  SquareSpace It.

It cannot get any easier to create a website than SquareSpace.  I have tried Wordpress and I am now here to tell you that yes, Wordpress is good, SquareSpace is what most modern and most clean and most easy. to. use.

SquareSpace is so easy if you are getting married you can quick create a site.  If you need to put a resume online.  If you are starting something new and just want a place for people to go.  If you don't have anything yet but want that place holder to collect interest and emails.  You can create a Cover Page and a cover page only.  I think that is $4 / month.   One page and it gives you all the templates in the world.  No creativity, no technical skills are required just you taking the steps.

If you are ready for a little bit more, for I think $10 / month you can create an entire site.  The site can have a Blog and an About page.  It will help you create a contact form or display your social media. And just like that, your business idea is now a reality!


A Few Additional Thoughts on Building Your Blog

How long does it take to set up a website?  

Well, there are two types of websites you can create.  A single page "cover" page.  This is used as a placeholder or for very specific invitations etc.  Those take all of maybe 8 minutes to create.  And I am saying 8 to give yourself time to play around a bit too.  

The website itself?  Let's say you have a Home page, an About page, a Contact page and one other maybe that's a blog page or Product / Services page.  SquareSpace offers you about 30 different templates to choose from.  In each template there are About page and Contact pages.  You just have to change their wording to yours.  So you are starting with a clean, nice structure.  If you are focused and know what you want, then a few hours.  If you are still working out what you want then add on more.  It's not rocket science and I firmly believe you (anyone) can build a beautiful site.  

The other great thing is you can change anything at any time.  Get started.  Let me know if you need any help.  

What other costs are there?

None really.  You have to buy the domain for a few buck and you pay a monthly fee for the website.  You can choose to purchase photos for your site (directly from within the site) for a few dollars more or you can choose to use your own.  

Good luck!  Let me know how it goes!

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