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My big break was that I was let go from my job.
— Christine Lantinen
Mompreneur on Fire - Go With Your Gut

Christine Lantinen was let go on a Friday, made a handshake business deal to buy out another company over the weekend and was making sales calls on Monday.  If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.  Since this time of taking over the 100 year old Maud Borup, Christine has shifted the chocolate company’s business model and now it seems there is no stopping her andtheir success and growth.  Christine was honored this past year as one of Ernest & Young’s Winning Women, something quite hard to come by.  Her style and talk of Maud Borup as a family business is quite inspiring.  

Mompreneur on Fire - Christine Lantinen

 A few of the things that we talk about include: 

  • Where and how she saw opportunity for this business
  • How she kept angel investors out of her businesses
  • What it’s like running a business in a town of 2000. 
  • How she spent her life in retail and how that prepared for her role today
  • The roles her family takes in the business
  • Money and Magic 
  • Not being afraid of building a strong support structure.  
  • The parents role in developing relationships between her children and grandparents
  • What their kids think about the business
  • Her weekend outlets.
  • Switching the business’ focus, when and why
  • Where she’s turned down business
  • What she’d do differently in building the business
  • Where they are now
  • Continuously learning
  • How “Entrepreneurship” is now a career and how things are different today
  • Her inspiration
  • When she gets nervous!
  • Reaching out for help
  • Her difference makers and what she tells graduating college kids
What better person to drive your quality standards than mom, right?!
— Christine Lantinen

More From Christine -

  • What are your favorite apps? 
    • Don’t really use them.   
  • What books are on your nightstand?  Favorite all-time book?  
  • What's your guilty pleasure these days? 
    • Pamela’s gluten-free chocolate chunk cookie dough and the Vikings TV series on the History Channel.       
  • What one item do you love that is less than $100?  
    • My margin calculator.  It cost $8.  I never attend a meeting without it.     
  • What one item do you love to give that is less than $100?  
    • Smiles & Hugs…they are priceless. 

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