Blogging Her Way: Full-Time Pay in Part-Time Hours

Mompreneur on Fire - Rosemarie Groner

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Note: This post contains affiliate links.

You have to get your content out there. No one is going to find you, you have to put yourself out there.
— - Rosemarie Groner

It was great fun to talk with Rosemarie Groner, ( and simply amazing to hear how this mom of two littles ones went from being a state trooper to owning and running a daycare and made the switch to being a professional blogger bringing in over $9000/month in just 2 years.  Oh yeah - and she does this working 10-20 hours a week.  

(UPDATE:  In the 5 months since this interview was completed, Rosemarie is now bringing in over $22,000 a month!  She has been a wonderful mentor and I swear by any advice she gives!  Her Pinterest Strategy Guide is nothing to joke about!  There is tons of ah-mazing and detailed information in there about how she does what she's doing! 

I heart Rosemarie so much so if she says do something, I will!  That said, she also recommended Michelle Schroeder's Affiliate Marketing Class and sure enough that was an amazing purchase too!  Plus it's fun to be "in class" with this super expert too!

Mompreneur on Fire - Rosemarie Groner - BB

In this episode, we cover several topics and stories.  Here are some of the things we talk about: 

  • Her story going from state trooper to blogger
  • Her daily routine
  • Her favorite training tools
  • What her husband had to say about her business (ad)ventures
  • How she grew her brand
  • A break down of her monthly income revenue sources (at the time the interview was taped)
  • What she’s sacrificed
  • A look at her schedule breakdown working 10-20 hours a week
  • How she prioritizes her time
  • How she feels about goals and goal settings
  • Favorite tools
  • Favorite social media sites and why

"My success doesn't take away from your success."

- Rosemarie Groner

Selected Links from the Episode:

More From Rosemarie: 

  • Did you meet or surpass your January goals of $8000 / month? 
    • I saw online perhaps so...- Yep! over $9,300! 
    • (UPDATE - She's actually bringing in well over $22,000 / month now!)
  • You mentioned that you were meeting your Mastermind group to develop 2016 goals.  Can you offer an update to that? 
    • We went to a lake house in North Carolina and spent the week planning our 2016 goal and then working backwards to determine the action steps to meet those goals. 
  • How much sleep do you get a night? What time do you typically go to sleep? 
    • Usually 8, but we have a baby that still wakes up several times a night, so now it's closer to 6. I go to bed at 10:30, wake up at 6:30, but I'm up several times overnight. 
  • What's on your nightstand? Favorite Books?  Favorite podcasts? 
  • Name something that is $100 or less and you love it? 
    • Vera Bradley Wallet keychains- I can stick my debit card and license in there and I don’t need to carry a purse. 


Rosemarie is now making consistently $20,000 / month from her blog just a few months after our original conversation.  

She was amazing when I talked with her months and months ago.  Rosemarie has been a wonderful coach to the online blogging community.  She is the beloved go-to person over and over again.  She has this amazing Pinterest Strategy Guide that has helped increase traction on my site by the thousands.  Next, I heard she was all excited about this Affiliate Marketing Program.  If Rosemarie says it's good, I believe it! So, I have signed up there too! With her!! 

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