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Have you tried and tried and tried to make your dreams come true, only to get off track by the real-life distractions from all those kiddo requests, hubby requests, parental requests, and the other everyday stuff you have to take care of??

Yep, that's me too.  

Well, that was me too. 

January 1, 2016, I made a New Year's Resolution that I knew wasn't just a resolution. I knew I was entering a "there's no turning back" life-changing territory.  Below is brief history.



Before Kids

  • I was a top-notch, certified project manager leading multi-million, high-profile projects. That means I can organize anything to the Nth degree to get sh*t done. Really. Someone once called me the "Oprah of Project Management."  I loved that.
  • With a partner, I had my own consulting firm where we were (almost) immediately successful with 20+ employees. It was the most fun thing I have ever worked on and I certainly learned a lot about leading and growing a fast-moving business!
  • I randomly went to a real-life coaching school where I met the most interesting, caring people from all walks of life. Think Silicon Valley to Colorado Woods. Hippie, witches, and conservatives - oh my! If you ask me, that truly was one of the most life-changing, amazing experiences in my life.
  • I lived almost my entire adult life in Washington, DC. I am an East Coaster through and through. That said, my husband and I moved to Southern California BK and now we just miss the seasons while we soak up 75 degrees all year long. (Don't hate me.)

After Kids

  • We are settling into Southern California, yes, but miss the seasons. When it rains, it's a big deal for my girls and is a news event on the TV.
  • Both my parents have passed. My mother passed when my oldest was just 2 months old. Then my Dad passed in his sleep almost 2 years later. A piece of your heart disappears when these moments happen. Tell your living folks you love them every. time. you. talk. with. them.
  • I feel like I grew up in the back offices of my parents' businesses. I feel this work, building businesses, is my natural self. I am doing something that is natural to me and find true comfort and joy in that. 
  • I do have a hard time being that mom. My SIL is really great at making food baskets, great meals, and thoughtful gifts ahead of time. You know, that room mom you love-to-hate. I wish I were more that way. I am that mom that is scrambling out the door even though I write it all down and plan it all out.  
  • I had no idea I could be such a Mama Bear. (Well, I guess I kind of knew.) Don't mess with my people. My mother was the ultimate cheerleader and the ultimate Mama Bear, now I know I got that from her.


  • I had my first Mompreneur on Fire podcast interview January 3 with Cassie. (You know I love her!)
  • I gave up bad, mindless TV for working almost every night. And I haven't looked back!
  • I hired a coach, at random, to help me because "I think I am going through something." Within 7 minutes of our introductory call, I was sobbing. Within in 6 weeks, again, I knew my life had changed. I interviewed her, too, because she changed my life this Spring, and I needed to let everyone hear her glorious and wise voice.
  • I started meditating, which I absolutely love and think is, yes, also life-changing too! Thanks again to my coach. I really wish more people gave it a chance! It's not about emptying your mind, it's about focusing your thoughts. The thoughts you think are the thoughts you become.  
  • I hired a sales coach, at a premium price, that didn't really help. (Blah!)
  • I read and read and read and read and took a gazillion courses. Then I tested and tested and tested. And then the tears flowed when my Pageviews hit 3000 per day (aka 100,000 PV a month) Then higher.
  • I gave up most sugar and carbs.  
  • Then I started eating them again. (Blah)
  • Companies started calling me.  
  • Then calling me an expert. In social media. (Wait, what?) I was kind of surprised by this at first, but the truth is, most companies are focused on building their products when I was focused on getting more than 8 listeners and downloads aside from my BF. So, yes, I now own the fact that I can most certainly help most fast-growing companies. 
  • I can tell you what's old hat (Google), what's new hat (Products) and what you absolutely need to do right now. And that's fun again. 

What's Next

While I'm helping out companies, I am thinking about moms and mompreneurs. How can I take what I have learned, what I am learning, and give to these women that I love?

I firmly believe with all my heart you can live a meaningful, productive life without feeling or being crazed. You can live an inspiring life. You can be an entrepreneur and a working mother. I firmly believe that and bust my own butt trying to live that life I soo want.

I firmly believe we can build. We can create. We can be there for pick-ups and drop-offs. We can cheer our kids on and do homework. I firmly believe we can do it all.

Please. Just don't ask me what's for dinner.

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