Spend an hour with Ashleigh one-on-one to discuss your business,

the opportunities in front of you and

how to do it all when everything and everyone else is asking more of you.

Have a Power Hour™ with Ashleigh


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“You remind me of Margaret Thatcher… for the causes & commitment…”

“You remind me of Margaret Thatcher… for the causes & commitment…”

What to Expect

Once you register for a Power Hour™ with Ashleigh you will receive an email from me personally to find the best time for us to connect and a handful of questions for you answer before our meeting. I like to get to know you, yes, but I also like to hit the ground running once our call begins!

On my end, I’ll have my team do a full analysis of your social presence and backend website activity. Between what you tell me and what we can see online, I will instantly be able to discuss with you some key ideas for creating new income streams. We will discuss what are opportunities and how to best implement them.

Don’t worry about the work ahead. I am a mom of two with a husband in tow. My time has to be maximized out and as a trained Program Manager priority and time management is also my expertise!

Our hour together goes by quickly! Don’t worry about taking notes though, we will record and send you it to you afterwards so you can go step-by-step.