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Ashleigh Blatt.  

1. I create additional income streams for celebrities and experienced entrepreneurs to reduce the roller coaster ride of income fluctuations by creating regular and recurring income streams.

2. I am a mom of two beautiful girls and it is my life's calling to show them what a strong woman is.

3. I am a Connector of the dots between business, news, and trends. 

I use the data and insight from our business activities, sprinkle in a ton of research and behind-the-scenes stories and give all of this information away for free to women entrepreneurs via The Power Squad Project. (Think TheSkimm but for women entrepreneurs.)

I use my lifelong entrepreneurial experience to get to the heart of the matter and my IT project management experience to drive the matter.

Services included: B2B partnerships, growth strategy, sales conversions, digital strategy, opportunity hacking, project management and email marketing.

Want to work with us? Email me directly at ashleigh @ ashleighblatt . com.

Forecasting: I am calling it. Mark Zuckerberg will run for President in the next election. Ask me how I know. 

Biz trends you must pay attention to: 
--> Luxury is out. People have learned that fancy doesn't make them happy. Now consumers are spending their money to connect & for custom to them. 
--> Women entrepreneurs are creating businesses at a rate of 6x greater than men. Think buyers buyers buyers & how you market to them! (Please! No more t-shirts shot into the stands @ conferences!)
--> Micro-influencers will insanely help you if you let them.

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