I help celebrities and experienced entrepreneurs create additional income streams. 


What does that mean?  

> > OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS.  What are the 5, 6, 7 income streams that available to your business right now and today?  How can they each be integrated into your natural workflow. 

>> INCOME STREAM SCHEDULE.  What income streams should we incorporate in the short term vs long-term and how.  We'll give you a crystal clear map of what to do when.

>> NETWORK EXTENDER.  Followers and a following are great but they are not the only people that should be in your business network.  Nope, not talking about mastermind folks or your team either instead you need to be in front of and connect with higher-up who can help move your career forward.  We can help create those connections. 

>> CONNECTOR OF THE DOTS.  In my world, it's not that big of a deal if you know so-and-so because, frankly we all know a lot of impressive people.  The difference is I talk with them.  I am on the phone all week long learning about the active ventures people are working on.  It's one thing to make an introduction, it's another thing to make the RIGHT introduction. 

I connect the dots so real people can make real money.  

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We use traditional business practices. 

That means we create connections and build relationships with the decisions makers who will move your business forward.

That means we know how to keep relationships going, keep you "top of mind" and how to convert to sales using a combination of Facebook

We use digital marketing practices.

We use real life relationships to grow income. 

That's okay.  It happens all the time. 

We just need to know what it is you want to happen, then we'll fill in the details.