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Manager, Mentor & Mindful Mama. 

Getting straight to the point, I help celebrities and entrepreneurs get rich.  That means we create additional income streams.  Most people have 1-2, I like 4 to 5 or 6.  



They've been up for awards like these: 

My current clients and business partners have been featured on:


And they all now have multiple revenue streams. 

Ashleigh Blatt

Just like you, they started out doing one thing really well (think actors, comedians, authors, master service providers).

But as celebrities and/or industry elites, they weren't capitalizing on their awesome following and beloved loyalists.   Their wide (and timely) reach was going to waste.

And in today's world, being good in one area means you have to keep hustling to stay alive.

To stay relevant. Heck, to stay afloat in business.  


How do I know what I know? How do I do what I do?

Born an Entrepreneur

My parents were serial entrepreneurs. My first sales pitch was at six years old when customers came into our family's store and I sold them it was the right time because we were having an "anniversary sale."  I was involved in all of my parent's businesses. Talking business, strategy, customer growth, profits and revenue was natural dinnertime conversation. This conversation is as natural to me now as is breathing.

To the Point Organizer

I worked for years as a business analyst, requirements developer and then Project Manager designing, implementing and releasing some bad*ss tools to help make the government more efficient and the US a safer place. This work drilled in how to make change *easy* and organized. 


It's super annoying when someone calls themselves a motivator. It's cheesy and sounds fake. That said, in order to get people to move forward with change, newness or anything they want or need to do, they have to feel not only comfortable with the change, but excited. I am an ENFP-T (aka the Campaigner) by nature. I've been called the Oprah of Project Management. My energy backed up with information moves people forward.

Trained Communications Coach

I randomly went to a real-life coaching school where I met the most interesting, caring people from all walks of life. Think Silicon Valley to Colorado Woods. Hippie, witches and conservatives - OH MY! Now I use the power and meaning behind the words and the process of communication to build relationships, develop long-term customers and to increase marketing power and sales. 

Real Life Experience

Did I mention I had my own consulting firm? My partner and I within two years grew our firm to 20 employees and contractors working under our seven-figure umbrella. I sold my piece of the pie when I had my babies. I loved the work, but wanted to focus on my girls when they came.

Online Marketing Maven

Once my girls grew big enough, I started a podcast for mom business owners. I wanted to know: How do they do it all? And then some. As the Host of The Power Squad Project, I had to quickly learn how to get more than eight listeners and 10 people on my website. That's when I realized having a number of followers and listeners didn't matter, what mattered was how one could turn existing and future traffic into real, live revenue.   

Master Multi-Tasker While Able to Focus

I am a parent now. A mom who has to manage drop-offs, pick-ups and activities too. My time is limited. My time is focused. And strategically focused.

Now my work is focused on helping business owners add revenue streams to their business by systematizing their work and by taking advantage of the most effective online strategies.  

And next I'm building a power squad. 

I'm building a squad. A women’s squad. No Taylor Swift. No Skinny Girls. And no balding white men trying to tell me what they think I should do.

I have kids.

I have businesses.

I have siblings.

I have bosses.

I have a house that is a disaster 10 seconds after it’s been cleaned.

I have mortgages. (Well, one.)

I have drop off and pick up.

I have conferences day in and day out. ALL.DAY.LONG.

I have to make/bring snacks for the class every Monday.

We are handling and dealing with and running circles around the men in our lives.

I am just one power mom. 

A power woman.

And I’m building a power squad. Sure, we’ve got Glennon and Elizabeth, Gabby and Shauna, Brene too. But now we need more action-oriented female power players. Power women.

I’m building a squad. 

Let's have "coffee" and create a power plan. 

Last but not least, I hate it when people become inaccessible.  

When I was building my business, I needed help.  I didn't have any following, any "reach", any real mentors to turn to.  I paid for help over and over and over again but still never had anyone really care for me.  I never had anyone take me under their wing which I so desperately wanted and needed.  

Yes, I work with celebrities but I have also created several ways for the non-celebrities to connect with me too.  

The Power Squad Project is my way of giving to you, for free, so you can grow.  Think of it as TheSkimm but for women entrepreneurs.  I am knee deep in the business world, activities and trends and share as much as I possibly can!


If you are really serious about needing or wanting assistance, you can come on my podcast The Power Squad Project for a free consulting conversation.  These calls and conversations are my zone of genius.  It will be fun!

ANDDD just about everyone I know is private about the details of their work.  It's why I don't announce who I work with.  I get it.  Everyone says I should disclose who until they don't want to be disclosed themselves.

If you consider yourself a powerhouse-in-the-making and need someone to bounce ideas off of, girrrrllll, you are in the right place.  I make time for these power conversations!   


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